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Today i opened my facebook account and browse some friends and check the wall, did my tycoons game and car town to raise experience , level and money.
I watched some shared videos on the wall, posted comments and shout something on my wall.
I sometimes see 3 advertisement on the right on of the page every pages of the social networking site facebook.

I saw this advertisement on the right side that has a tittle of "Be A Website Tester" and has a description of this.
Be A website tester for income and fun 100% free to join No buying, no selling Earn up to 1K US$ a mo working 1-10 hrs.
And i said "WOW is this true?" and of course i checked it out to see how can i earn that kind of money being a website tester my self.

I went to their website and here's what i saw.

“FINALLY . . . This is the business you have waited for so long:

“It is completely free, you earn through EVERYBODY who registers after you, even if you do not sponsor people; you must not sell or buy anything. Guaranteed!

“The faster you register, the more can be your potential income, even if you do nothing else than register for free . . .

“How does it work? – It’s simple!

“A market research company from the USA is searching

for internet users all over the world, who get paid for testing websites and giving a short opinion. You also can earn up to 1,000 US$ per month working 1 to 10 hours weekly.

“Even if the job as a website tester is not for you, you can earn two passive incomes month after month.”

It said to be an tie up to an upstart, Las Vegas-registered company known as Alpha Market Research Inc. Alpha Market appears to have a Twitter site from which it relentlessly links to self-produced news releases that are posted on, a free press-release distribution service.

A lot of blogs i red wrote an articles about this but doesn't confirmed clearly and straight if this website tester is a true and legit company to join with.

On the next article i will write down what i noticed on this site to know if this site is a legit company.

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