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NeoBux is a free to use online service for making money and advertising which is available in both English and Portuguese languages. Included is an integrated forum with 23 non English sub forums where you can freely discuss a whole range of topics including money.

The service allows people to gain access to hundreds of thousands of potentially new customers, advertisers have many different options for purchasing advertising packages. As an advertiser, you can also make money online with neobux.

As a member of NeoBux you get paid to view adverts for a short period of time which is specified by the advertiser, simply put, the longer the time the more money you make.

Straight after viewing an advert, you receive a cash amount credited to your balance which can be cashed out instantly starting from as little as $2.00.

You can increase your money by inviting or referring friends for example or rent people who will click and earn you money. There are also several membership packages which include specific account benefits and access to additional daily adverts.

The site is free to use, there's no need to pay anything to start earning today!
For over 2 years we have tested the site as a standard/free member. We have decided to go Golden. So from here on forth you will see payment proofs of a larger sum. Note that results will vary and not everyone will have the same results. Payment proofs 1 - 38 is us as a free member. Number 39 and up are as a upgraded member.

Site will be moved from the Legit List to the Elite List. Site recently lowered the ad rates for standard members and it didn't sit well for many. As a precaution and for evaluation we moved the site off the Elite List to the Legit List for 3 months to see if the changes would affect the site in a negative way since many vowed to leave the site due to the changes. 3 months have passed and the site still pays without any delay with very little problems. No reason to keep the site off the Elite List due to those who disagree with the rates or earning potential. If you plan on using this site, be sure to test it fully before investing on it. Please see cons #2 for more info.

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