Cashium is now up and running under its new Management!

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Let me be the first to introduce myself:

My name is James and I'm from the United Kingdom.

As the new admin on Cashium, a number of issues needed to be addressed to prevent issues arising again.

Our first priority has always been to protect the members and remain unbiased and fair in our decision making.

However at the same time we cannot be held reliable for the past issues under the old administration. I would urge you to contact the previous admin regarding any disputes or unpaid balances.

So why take over Cashium ?

Simply to get it back on its feet and make it a sustainable / profitable venture for its members.

We believe we can find the perfect balance for this to be achieved.

The changes made to Cashium accounts include:

Standard accounts now have a higher earning power.
Main balance and purchase balance has been reset.
Rented referrals will remain active for 15 days then be reset.
Adjustments made to membership groups to improve stability.
New membership group introduced: Cashguru, with generous (high) earning power ability.

Changes made outside of Cashium include:

Same-day response support team.
UK Company formation and authentication.
Bug fixes.

Deposits (cashin) and Cashouts have been disabled for 2 days to allow you to earn from clicks.

During this time we will be implementing our security payment script to ensure all transactions are secure, trusted and verified to limit disputes and issues.

We understand many of you may have questions relating to how the new management links in with: Active or disputes / claims in Paypal with the old admin etc..

We have NO link or relation with the old admin with this matter, I advice simply to contact him via Paypal claim or via his email.

If you have any questions let me know.

I wish you all many earnings.

Kind Regards,

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