Facebook introduces new profile layout

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Cue the protests! Facebook has just introduced one of their habitual changes to the appearance of the world’s most popular social networking site, and while it’s opt-in for now, rest assured that the new profile changes will inevitably garner the same sort of knee-jerk hysteria as every other past Facebook permutation.

What’s new? First, underneath your name, the new profile has an introductory scrawl to your whole life, including your location, school, work history, languages spoken, birthday and more. Underneath that is a strip of pictures in which you are tagged: this strip is automatically pulled from the most recent images in which you’ve been tagged, and can be hidden from displaying with a click. A new featured friends section allows you to highlight your BFFs and create groups of friends as you see fit.

Another big change is the one that Facebook is calling the “New Experience” which gives you a new way to share your activities and interests, complete with illustrative icon. It’s basically a favorites list, but a groupable one: for example, you can group a number of people from work together, then click on the group to display status updates from these members specifically.

The change I’m most excited about is the improved photos, though, which adds some of the lightbox features that were tipped as coming to Facebook previously, as well as a new infinite scroll feature to easily flash through your Facebook photo library without clicking on anything.

All Facebook changes are contentious, and there’s already been some grumbling about this one, but if you want to give the new profiles a try, you can do it by going here and clicking the opt-in button at the top.

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