Audi Quattro Concept


Audi reinvented the art of rally driving when the all-wheel-drive Quattro racing car arrived in 1980. Incredibly fast, but with the stability that comes from having four driven wheels, the Quattro was a star of the racing world that spawned, in 1984, the equally legendary road-going Sport Quattro. The only strange thing about the Audi Quattro Concept shown in Paris is why it took the German automaker so long to revive the famous model.

An Audi spokesperson explained that the Quattro Concept’s chassis originally began as the platform for an RS 5 coupe. However, the steel structure was replaced with lightweight aluminum, and the wheelbase shortened by 5.9 in. The chunky-looking, 2-passenger Quattro Concept is powered by a longitudinally mounted 400-horsepower 2.5-liter 5-cylinder (borrowed from the Audi TT RS).

If the Quattro makes it to production—which seems highly likely—expect it to fit between the range-topping TT and base versions of the mid-engine R8.

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