BMW 6 Series Concept


This big BMW coupe squeaked onto our list, despite some serious reservations about the “concept” part of its name. What you’re looking at is the next 6 Series coupe, plain and simple. And to be honest, we love the end result. The awkward humps and bumps of the previous generation have been smoothed over and modernized.

The rear end of the 6 Series is particularly more refined (i.e., less lumpy) than the previous model. A more aggressive front end and sharp side creases add extra attitude. It might not be a concept in the strict sense of the term, though we can’t argue that the next 6 Series is going to be a looker.

Engine choices will include BMW’s 300-bhp single-turbo inline-6 and twin-turbocharged V-8. A highly tuned version of the turbo V-8 should find its way under the hood of the next M6. Look for the 6 Series to arrive in the U.S. next year, and looking exactly like this concept version.

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