Kia Pop


To prove that we have sense of humor—and admire a healthy dose of bravery—we simply had to include the Kia Pop electric car. Okay, we’d prefer to see the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento or Jaguar C-X75 parked in our driveway. But if electric cars represent the future, let’s at least have some fun until we get there.

Whereas the upcoming Nissan Leaf EV was kept almost painfully bland—so as not to alienate everyone but the hippest of tech-loving early-adopters—the Kia Pop is anything but a shrinking violet, despite its tiny size. Yes, the chrome finish of this concept would make keeping it clean a nightmare. Yet we couldn’t help but smile at those wacky-looking side windows and doors that swing up and out.

The purple interior takes some serious getting used to. So would an estimated top speed of only 87 mph and a driving range of 100 miles. The Kia Pop EV is far from perfect and definitely risky. But isn’t that what concept cars should be all about?

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