888bux is a scam

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I joined 888bux 3 months now and i tried to reach the minimum payout of $2 that for 3 months of clicking, sometimes i missed some clicks for a day that is why it took almost or more than 2 months of clicking to get to minimum payout of $2.

2nd of August this year i reached the minimum payout of $2 and i cashout my earning clicks to get paid and for some reason after 1 week the site are being under maintenance and i cannot login to my account. I thought this site was down and i can never get my earnings, 3 weeks later today i checked again the site and login to my account. I was shocked what i see, 5 ads to click, but that is not the reason why im surprise, the reason why im shocked is the amount per click turned to $0.001 from $0.01. I checked my balance and im sure that they only creadet $0.005 on my account.

I searched and red a lot of comments on other site and i confirmed that 888bux is a scam. Why? because other people said that the site was owned by a chinese man and other said that it is the late scam site 88bux which they said that it only add 8 to get a new domain to build a new ptc site like that.

Well today im still waiting for my $2 cashout to be paid and if they dont pay in time like on the TOS said i will inform you again to confirm my self if it is a BIG SCAM PTC SITE like others.

You can join on the trusted ptc site like NEOBUX and try to get good money on this BEST PTC site ever.

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