Farm Town on Facebook

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Try Farm Town on Facebook!
After you have created your Facebook account you can play a virtual game called Farm Town.
Create your own farm, raise your own animals or go to work for one of the many other players.
Add the application and you are on your way to cyber farming. Any one of these things is interesting and entertaining, and you can also have conversations with other players while doing these activities. With this application you can create your own farm, raise and sell your own crops and animals, harvest and plow other peoples' farms for coins and experience points, and buy land.Plow areas on your farm to plant seeds.

There are many kinds of seeds ranging from fruits to vegetables and big or small. You can also plant trees and flowers. Water your flowers daily to insure they do not wither and die. Some seeds take a couple of hours before you can harvest them, and others take a couple of days. Once your seeds are ready to harvest, if you are a high enough level, you can hire someone to harvest them.

After you have harvested your crops you can go to the marketplace and sell them so you have coins to plow your fields and so you can plant more seeds on them. Also at the marketplace, you may be invited to help another player plow or harvest their fields. By doing this you can earn coins and more experience points. The more experience points you have the higher level you are. If you decide you want to decorate your farm there are many ways you can do it. You can buy houses, barns, stables, and many more buildings. Also, there are many types of trees and flowers. Farm Town on Facebook also has decorations for holidays, depending on what time of the year it is. Around Christmas they have decorations for Christmas. Farm Town lets you decide how you want your farm to be.

Once you have increased in level you can buy more land. You do this by going to the retailer's office. In there it will tell you how much land is available to you and how much it costs. The bigger your farm is on Farm Town the more coins you can potentially earn. The more neighbors you have on Farm Town the more trophies you can get. You can also get trophies by visiting other Facebook friends' farms and by spending your coins.

Farm Town on Facebook is a very fun and exciting virtual game. Whether you are playing and competing or just using this virtual game to pass time it is always worth the while! Be warned: your crops will die if they are not harvested in the allotted amount of time.

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