Here is how I'm making $300+/Month with one of my Micro Niche Website through Adsense!!

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Here are the reasons why micro niche sites are working for me:

1. My sites are not just single page websites.
If you add just 1 or 2 content and created a Made For Adsense website you're in trouble. Your website must provide some value to the visitor.

2. I use wordpress. Google loves WP.

3. I don't use same templates for all my websites.
If you're using a template which is common among poor micro niche sites, you're in trouble. (Micro Niche Templates sold here are used by lot of websites with which many may be of poor quality.) Use any free wordpress template and tweak it for good adsense CTR. Don't give any footprints to Google. Randomize everything.

4. My niches are not too competitive.
Do proper keyword research as this is the backbone of Micro Niche Sites. I always go behind $0.70+ CPC value and 6000+ search volume.

Add content to your site frequently. Atleast once in two weeks. Don't ignore once it reaches front page of Google.

As long as you're providing some value to Internet and Search Engines, Google don't have problems with you!

Final point: Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Always diversify your revenue portfolio to reduce risk. Adsense contributes only around 25% of my income.

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