How to Handle Suddenly Explode Acne on Your Face

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Sometime, acne may suddenly explode on your face. In some cases, it may happen overnight without you even noticing it. It might keep growing every day until it covers all over your face. It is not good if case might become worse when the acnes become cysts and it hurts you physically and emotionally.

The cause of your shameful acne should not be neglected. There is a case when a teenager simply wants to keep his face clear from acne with over the counter product only to find that his already clear face exploded with acne all over the place.

Surely, this acne may happen to anyone else. But, it's clear that it is important to handle and control this suddenly emerging acne as soon as possible.

There are some tips you can do immediately when you see acne emerging all over your face:

1. If this sudden acne was caused by using certain over the counter product, you should stop the using of the product immediately. Follow this steps by avoiding your face from any over the counter products in one week thereafter. New acne that emerges in your face might grow and to stop this you should not pick your acne or touch your face. Keep your body clean, especially your hair and hand.

2. Start checking the foods you eat every day. Too much junk food, greasy, and processed foods intake may aggravate the pimples. Consume more fruits and vegetables. Drink more water, milk and fruit juices everyday. This is not just a hearsay and when you really apply this carefully you will see the improvements in days.

3. Do not be stressed out. These pimples and acne that suddenly appear on your face might stick in your face when you compliment it with stress. Stress will not work in making the acne get better. Most of acne sufferers retain stress when they see their face become worse. I don't say that it is bad, but you should understand that stress is not a cure your pimple and acne. Keep your mind cool and face the situation with aptitude and open mind.

4. Now like i said you should make your body clean from wastes. Toxic wastes and bad substances can indirectly form acne in your face. Those are free radicals that will harm your body. That's why you need to keep your body clean from those free radicals by maintaining proper digestive body system. You should make sure to drop your bowel every morning.

5. Take a lot of rest every night because this is important for your well-being and skin health. Healthy sleep every night will boost the healing process of your acne and this is not a hard thing to make sure that you have enough sleep every night.

6. Apply honey mixed with rose water to your face. This treatment will calm your inflammation and reduce the swelling.

When acne suddenly explode in your face and you don't know what to do, just calm down and do the above tips diligently until you see the improvements in your skin.

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