Asus - K40IJ Laptop


Asus has new product that will be popular in the electronic market.
This K40IJ has a cool features like 25% cooler than body temperature "Feel the Cool Comfort"
not only that is has 4Power Gear "4 selectable working modes" that is to be the Smart Power Manager. Next cool thing is the IceCool Palm Rest, the reddot design award winner 2009 "Chocolate Keyboard" . Eco-friendly LED backlit 16:9 True Cinematic Enjoyment.

The Specs:
CPU: Intel Pentium T4400, 2.2Ghz
yes it is Dual Core but it runs good as Core 2 Duo.
VGA: Intel Int. GMA 4500M
Display: 14" HD (LED BL)
HDD: 320 GB
Memory: 2GB
A little bit low but it is good for some not much doing multi task programs
Wireless: 802.11n

Compared to other laptop manufacturer Asus is on of the leading Laptop manufacturer in the wolrd. Its battery life can be used for up to 6 hours depending on how you use it and set the Power4Gear setting to save the energy of you laptop.
If your looking for a good laptop of your gaming needs then you might want to try this thing out and see difference between other laptop for gaming purposes.
And it does not get overheat for a long period of usage so it is very ideal to have one of this to try out.
My overall rating for this is 8 out of 10 for a good quality at a reasonable price.

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