Gagabux Review

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I personally experience gagabux and i can tell that the site are at first a good ptc site to join with and they paid me $2 for a few clicks only. But before they paid me it took 2 weeks to get paid and they said it need 7 working days to process your request before they send out payments.

GagaBux has become the next A site that has shown that it has paid, but picks and chooses whom to pay and when. For example, there are members at that had to wait over 2 years to get paid and some still haven't been paid! GagaBux has a very long payment queue. Which might be more than what they can handle.

Some are saying this is a blatant scam, and that there is no doubt about it. Others are saying it pays, but you have to be patient. There are limits and everyone has them. Patient and "you will be paid soon" will only go so far.

After receiving a lot of complaints from this site and seeing the long delays, it is quite clear that this site does not have the money to pay everyone. GagaBux is relying on new investments to pay old members. A ponzi scheme is what most would call it.

There are going to be some who say "hey you were paid!". Yes we were, but not everyone is getting paid. Which is not a honest way to run a PTC site.

There are a lot of complaints on the web, and you will see some who say that these complaints are from those who only wish to ruin GagaBux reputation. Not entirely true. On the flip side, there are those who are praising gaga, and many of them are moderators, or those who earn huge cashouts. Or they are high paying investors. Initial investors will always be the ones to cashout huge earnings first. That is how most ponzi schemes work. It is those who come in later that will be the ones who suffer from these type of schemes.

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