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Here is my personal review regarding the Neobux PTC that is 3 years now and still growing.
I first join neobux in the year of 2008 and i clicked the ads for 1 month and i told my self that this is a hassle for me and i quit clicking and moved on.

For over a year (if not more) we have tested the site as a standard/free member. We have decided to go Golden. So from here on forth you will see payment proofs of a larger sum. Note that results will vary. Payment proofs 1 - 38 is us as a free member. Number 39 and up are as a upgraded member.

Update: Site has implemented a new rule. You can only use a maximum of 3 computers within a 10 day period to view ads. If you try to use more than that, your account will be suspended.

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