Allods Philippines Open Beta - Everything you need to know pt.2

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Register at My Level Up! (MyLU)

  • Aside from the Closed Beta Accounts, you will be able to create your very own Allods Online account very soon.
  • In a few days, you can start registering for an Allods account at MyLU –

Item Mall NOW OPEN!

One of the best features of Allods is its Item Mall, and it will be available in Open Beta. Improve your gameplay, boost your experience and reputation gains or even dress up your character with the available vanity items (fashion). There are tons of items that will improve your character so make sure to have that Level Up! Game Card beside you when the realms become open to the public.

How to Load Up

You’ve got your Game Card or top-up card, now it’s time to load them up! Or if you’re not sure how to use your Level Up! Game Card, here’s some very simple steps to reap the benefits of the incoming Item Mall.

  1. Login to your My Level Up! (MyLU) account. If you don’t have a MyLU yet, register now.
  2. Click Add Credits on the left sidebar to be able to load up your game card.
  3. Fill up the input spaces with your Level Up! Card Number and Card Pin.
  4. Click “Load Up Now!”.
  5. You now have Level Up! Credits that you can convert to Perrah, Allods Online’s Item Mall currency once Open Beta starts.

To convert your Level Up! Credits to Perrah (Allods’ Item Mall currency), simply click “Use Credits” at the MyLU. Conversion rate is PHP 1.00 = 10 Perrah.

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