Seafight Extended Edition 2010 Free CD Key

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* Special Ship Design: Sail majestically across the oceans and benefit from great bonus values: The protective seal on the sails of this unique ship design reduces damage taken by 10 percent. In addition, the repair Maat 10 percent more health points per second. A mighty ship with brand new look!
* One month free All premium advantages! As a premium pirate it sails are loose on the world's oceans: Have you been sunk, you get a free new ship in the shipyard, on the square you will receive 5 per cent special discount on all the navigation you by entering the coordinates much easier and much more!
* Banking Doppler: Get even more out of your banking and use this doubler. Simply book beads and cash in twice!
* 10,000 increased explosive balls: This provides a terrific atmosphere: This cannon balls explode on impact, causing massive damage to the enemy ship. With an increase of 4% chance to achieve these enhanced explosive balls even more critical hits than the normal explosive bullets.
* 100 crystals: for your specialization Whether Seescherge aggressive, defensive tactics or greedy vultures prey: with the 100 crystals in the package you build your talents such as attack, defense or yield from the best!

Today i will give away a Addon CD for Seafight Online Game.
You can download it here

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