How to Use R-Drive III usb SATA/IDE Hard Drive Adapter

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Use to 3.5 HD
1. Plug the SATA/IDE usb Adapter to your 3.5 HD (Desktop HD)
Note: Wire connection should be in LEFT side of the HD when facing to you.
2. Plug the AC Power Adapter on your HD and at your AC home plug
3. Connect your 2.0 USB plug to your Laptop or on your Desktop.

R-Driver III is so easy to use in and Operating System (OS):
WinXP, WinVista, WinME, Win98 and Win7 (any version)

Any questions using R-Driver III or any other Brand of USB SATA/IDE Hard Drive Adapter should be posted at the comment section below.

Thank you and i hope you learned something new, i'll try to make a video and post it here.

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