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Ok lets make the story short and straight!
Yesterday i earned my $50.06 for doing readbud reading and rating and i cashout it as fast as i could cause im so excited. But i notice it says that i need to wait for 30 days (1 month) before i can get my money i earned. But i check my account history and didn't see my history of cashing out my payment...

So for the record im not the same people who posted some articles on their blog and on some forums saying they saw a payment proof on a paypal account. The question is this is the owner of the articles or post on the forum credible?? Notice on some forum a random human being has a post of "1" defending and saying that readbud is not a scam and posted a payment proof. Another question is this, Does the payment proof a real payment proof or fabricated payment proof "on a real paypal account" cause i can make a "fake" payment proof using "javascript" on a browser and change letters or numbers of a page.

I searched the whole world wide web to seek for a real payment proof but it seems im looking for a ghost.. If you want to really know if readbud is legit wait for 1 month or so and i will post another article regarding "a real payment proof" if they/he/she paid me for what i earned.
I hope you follow and read my other post here and i will keep you updated what's going on on readbud.

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