Seafight - New Items for close and long range combat

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Ahoy Pirates,

In Seafight there are 2 brand new items, that you can stock up on at certain times in the Market Cove.
Both items change the properties of your cannons and are therefore perfect for specific battle situations!


This item is ideal for close combat! After being shot, the Hailstorm bursts your ammunition into many smaller pieces, giving you a higher dispersion range. The effect: your hit probability will increase by 10%. However, these balls won’t fly so far so the range is therefore 20% less than usual. The Splitter Rain can be used against Guild Towers.


Use this item for long range fighting! The Windstorm accelerates your ammunition an enormous amount and therefore increases their range by a huge 33%. As your ammunition will cover a greater distance, your hit probability will decrease by 15%. The Windstorm cannot be used against Guild Towers. The Windstorm will only be used if you are shooting further than your regular range and of course only if you have activated the item.

For both new items: You apply these items in almost the same way as your Black Gunpowder and Plates of Armor. Both the Hailstorm and Windstorm can be used as often as you like. However, only one item can be used at a time. The data on changes in hit probability relate to the values before any other modifications. You cannot use these items with repair ammunition.

These new action items will be available in the Market Cove during the next special days.

Enjoy the ship sinking! :-)

Your Seafight-Team

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