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Do ship extras have to be obtained in a certain order?
No, extras can be bought as you like. But if ye wish to level up an extra, it will have to be done in order, meaning ye cannot automatically upgrade an extra from level 2 to level 4.

How does the centerboard differ from the sternpost?
The centerboard increases yer ship’s basic speed by a certain number of knots.
Example: If yer ship’s top speed is 30 knots and yer ship is loaded with cargo, then yer ship will have a basic speed of 25 knots. If ye use the level 2 centerboard, it will increase yer ship's basic speed to 28 knots.You don’t increase your maximum speed with this extra.

The sternpost increases yer ship’s top speed.
Example: If yer ship’s top speed is 30 knots and ye use the level 5 sternpost, it will increase the top speed by 10%, allowing yer ship to sail at 33 knots (3 knots faster).

Can I downgrade slots/extras which have already been upgraded?
No, this process is irreversible.

Must extras be activated?
No. Extras will activate as soon as they are put into slots.

Will my crew receive more gold for boarding another ship if I use the gold chest?
Ye usually only receive 10% of an enemy ship's gold reserves when yer crew boards another ship, but with the gold chest, ye will get more. If ye have a level 2 gold chest, ye will take 12% of the enemy's ships gold reserves.

Will extras already installed in slots take extra time when replaced?
There is no time range you have to wait for a change. You can replace your extras immediately.

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