Want To Get Rid Of Your Pimples Naturally?

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It is commonly held belief that lifestyle and diet are not factors in the cause, and treatment of acne. On the contrary, clinically and independent research has shown that lifestyle and diet are indeed major factors for those who suffer from acne. Most over the counter treatment medicines offer no help in identifying acne's root causes, and acne medications can have some unpleasant side-effects for long use. Discover how you can take steps to naturally eliminate this stubborn affliction.

Most processed "western" foods are quite high in simple sweet content. A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that while a western diet might be convenient and tasty, it can also have a negative effect and impact on your complexion. Foods that are high in simple sweet or sugar content (white flour for instance), boost the body's production of insulin, which promotes inflammation of the skin as well as over production of skin cels and oil in pores that lead to bacterial infection on the skin resulting in acne formation.

Thus it is very crucial to realize the importance of a low-glycemic diet for improving acne problem and symptoms. You will also be contributing to better health for your body, and a sense of well being by reducing, or eliminating your intake of processed foods, particularly those high in simple sugars. Cow's milk has also been shown to aggravate acne outbreaks, and should be avoided. While cow's milk does have some health benefits, you can get those same benefits through the use of dietary supplements such as vitamin A, vitamin D, and Calcium.

Growth hormone is used in the production of many of the foods we eat. Studies have shown conclusively that growth hormone is a major contributing factor in acne formation, and if at all possible, you should buy hormone free meats, poultry, and vegetables. By focusing on whole foods such as leafy green vegetables, cold water fish, and lean poultry, you will go a long way toward a clear skin complexion. It is also quite helpful to drink a glass of quality water every two or three waking hours to improve detoxification and overall skin health. Stress is also a major player in both bringing on an outbreak, and worsening the severity of an existing outbreak. When you are stressed out your body produces a stress hormone called cortisol, which can result in further hormonal changes that will worsen acne symptoms. Stress reducing activities such as exercise, prayer, and meditation can be of tremendous value for both your complexion, and your over all well being.

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