Allods Philippines Open Beta - Everything you need to know pt.3

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Why will there be a wipe?

A Closed Beta Character wipe is necessary for the reason that not everyone has an access to the game aside from a few players who have an account. It is only fair to the general public at the beginning of Open Beta where anyone and everyone can create an Allods Account. Character wipes are only done on Closed Beta Testing. There will be no character wipe on Open Beta and Commercial Launch.

Is my account going to be deleted?

No. You can still use your CBT account anytime during Open Beta.

Do I need to Register again?

Yes and no. Yes, because in order to take advantage of the Item Mall, you need to have a MyLU account. You can register for a MyLU account here. Also, if you did not have a chance to play during Closed Beta, you need to register for an Allods Online account too at the MyLU page.

No if you plan to use your Closed Beta account, you don’t have to register anymore but make sure you link it to your MyLU account to be able to load up if you want to shop at the Item Mall.

Can I buy Items in the Item Mall now? How?

Once the realms become available to the public, yes you can. Check out the “How to Load Up” section above to know how to get Perrah, your money to buy Item Mall Items.

Do I need to install a new client or download Allods again?

If you downloaded Allods Online already during the Closed Beta Testing, you don’t have to download the client again. Your client will work in Open Beta. You just have to patch it on the opening of Open Beta.

Still don’t have the Allods Online Client? Download it here.

When is Open Beta going to start?

We will announce it very soon at the website, forums, Twitter and Facebook page. Always be updated with the latest Allods Online Philippines news at the following pages:

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