Seafight - New shipyard features ship castles

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With ship castles, ye can buy different ship extras and enhance the values and features of yer ship. Just put the extras in slots on yer ship castles.

Ship castles
Ship castles were originally designed so archers could shoot down on enemy ships from up high. Today they are an integral part of a ship’s defense. There are three types of ship castles: the forecastle, topcastle and aftcastle. Each ship castle has two slots which can be upgraded to level 5 and can hold different extras. One level 1 slot has already been unlocked for ye to use.

For every ship castle, there are six different extras which can be upgraded consecutively up to level 5. The extra must have at least the same level as the slot where it is to be installed. Only one extra can be used per slot.

Example: Ye have a level 3 slot.
Ye must have a level 3 extra or lower to use it in this level 3 slot.
If ye have a level 4 extra, ye must upgrade yer level 3 slot to a level 4 slot so ye can use the level 4 extra there.

Extras already installed in slots can be replaced by other extras. There is no time range you have to wait for a change. You can replace your extras immediately.

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